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Secure Server Co-Location Solutions in Riga, Latvia

Companies Require More Secure Server Co-Location Solutions
"Digital Economic Development Center DEAC Ltd.
Underground data center located Grīziņkalnā (1905th of park). Tas ir bijušais padomju armijas komandpunkts – bunkurs, kas būvēts kā īpaši droša celtne. It is a former Soviet army komandpunkts - bunker, built as a highly secure building. Datu centra izdevīgais izvietojums (tuvu Rīgas centram) ļauj izmantot visas neieciešamās mūsdienu komunikācijas. Data Center favorable location (near the center of Riga) allows the use of all needed in modern communications. Tas atrodas 9 metrus virs jūras līmeņa, bet tajā pašā laikā atrodas 12 metrus zem zemes. It is 9 meters above sea level, but at the same time, located 12 meters below ground. Šāds izvietojums ļauj izvairīties gan no plūdu bīstamības, gan arī no elektromagnētiskā starojuma. Such an arrangement avoids both the flood hazard, as well as of electromagnetic radiation.

Lūdzu, izmantojiet iespēju aplūkot datu centru no iekšienes, izmantojot zemāk pieejamo video ekskursiju. Please use the opportunity to look at the data center from the inside, using available video tour below.

Latest global trends prove that IT strategies of companies are changing towards raising of data and IT hardware security. In order to offer clients a more extensive range of super-secure services, the largest Baltic data center operator DEAC Ltd. launches a new service called "Maximum Data Security."

Companies Require More Secure Server Co-Location Solutions
Riga, Latvia, October 19, 2009 -- The "Maximum Data Security" service was created after a client survey with a purpose to explore the needs and satisfaction of the current and potential clients with respect to the services offered. It showed that companies are ready to rationalize their IT infrastructure, build a stronger business continuity plan and use secure data center services.

The "Maximum Data Security" service will offer five increased-security levels. Firstly, it includes ID access control to server racks, additional alarm system and notification. Secondly, racks can have video and micro-climate monitoring, and vibration sensors can be installed. Similarly, within this new service DEAC offers separate, dedicated and lockable server rack compartments. "Finally it is possible to provide those clients who require topmost security with a separate lockable room for hardware co-location," says Andris Gailītis, Chairmen of the Board, DEAC Ltd.

"Depending on the chosen security level, communication connection scheme and other security requirements, the service prices can differ. As an example, a solution that would satisfy requirements of any bank - Maximum Data Security 4KW TIER I/II server rack with ID, movement sensors, individual IP cameras, GSM Ethernet disconnecting switches and Internet connection, is available starting from 1000 EUR per month," the CEO describes the flexible pricing policy.

The new service could be successfully developed thanks to the opening of the 2nd DEAC's data center "Rīga" being the largest and most advanced data center in the Baltics, opened September this year. Current area of the data center is 600m2, up to 200 server racks can be rented there with a server capacity up to 8000 units.

In early 2011 it is planned to expand the center's area up to 1400m2 or up to 500 server racks with a server capacity up to 20 500. It must be noted that the data center "Rīga" conforms to the highest category in the "Uptime Institute" classification - TIER IV, being the highest data center infrastructure security and availability standard.

About DEAC:

DEAC is the largest data center operator in the Baltics. It owns an underground data center „Grīziņkalns” (TIER II infrastructure level), and data center "Rīga" (TIER IV infrastructure level).
DEAC's clients are from 20 different countries of the world, and the total number of them has almost reached 2 thousand, including Spanish telecommunications' giant Telefonica, National Bank of Latvia, Rietumu Bank, Danske Bank,,, Seesam Latvia, TV3 Latvia, The Baltic Times, etc.

DEAC is the official distributor of DELL solutions in Latvia, and the authorized partner of such IT companies as EMC, Microsoft, VMware and APC.

Artis Babris
459 Maskavas street, Riga, Latvia, LV1063
Ph.: +371 6707 2100, Fax: +371 67072199,

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  1. Good stuff given in blog. The "Maximum Data Security" service was created after a client survey with a purpose to explore the needs and satisfaction of the current and potential clients with respect to the services offered.
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Underground Secure Data Center Operations

Technology based companies are building new data centers in old mines, caves, and bunkers to host computer equipment below the Earth's surface.

Underground Secure Data Center Operations have a upward trend.

Operations launched in inactive gypsum mines, caves, old abandoned coal mines, abandoned solid limestone mines, positioned deep below the bedrock mines, abandoned hydrogen bomb nuclear bunkers, bunkers deep underground and secure from disasters, both natural and man-made.

The facility have advantages over traditional data centers, such as increased security, lower cost, scalability and ideal environmental conditions. There economic model works, despite the proliferation of data center providers, thanks largely to the natural qualities inherent in the Underground Data Centers.

With 10,000, to to over a 1,000,000 square feet available, there is lots of space to be subdivided to accommodate the growth needs of clients. In addition, the Underground Data Centers has an unlimited supply of naturally cool, 50-degree air, providing the ideal temperature and humidity for computer equipment with minimal HVAC cost.

They are the most secure data centers in the world and unparalleled in terms of square footage, scalability and environmental control.

Yet, while the physical and cost benefits of being underground make them attractive, they have to also invested heavily in high-speed connectivity and redundant power and fiber systems to ensure there operations are not just secure, but also state-of-the-art.

There initially focused on providing disaster recovery solutions, and backup co-location services.

Clients lease space for their own servers, while other provides secure facilities, power and bandwidth. They offers redundant power sources and multiple high-speed Internet connections through OC connected to SONET ring linked to outside connectivity providers through redundant fiber cables.

Underground Data Centers company augments there core services to include disaster recovery solutions, call centers, NOC, wireless connectivity and more.

Strategic partnering with international, and national information technology company, enable them to offer technology solutions ranging from system design and implementation to the sale of software and equipment.

The natural qualities of the Underground Data Centers allow them to offer the best of both worlds premier services and security at highly competitive rates.

Underground Data Centers were established starting in 1990's but really came into there own after September 11 attacks in 2001 when there founders realized the former mines, and bunker offered optimal conditions for a data center. The mines, and bunkers offered superior environmental conditions for electronic equipment, almost invulnerable security and they located near power grids.

Adam Couture, a Mass.-based analyst for Gartner Inc. said Underground Data Centers could find a niche serving businesses that want to reduce vulnerability to any future attacks. Some Underground Data Centers fact sheet said that the Underground Data Center would protect the data center from a cruise missile explosion or plane crash.

Every company after September 11 attacks in 2001 are all going back and re-evaluating their business-continuity plans, This doesn't say everybody's changing them, but everybody's going back and revisiting them in the wake of what happened and the Underground Data Center may be just that.

Comparison chart: Underground data centers

Five facilities compared
Name InfoBunker, LLC The Bunker Montgomery Westland Cavern Technologies Iron Mountain The Underground
Location Des Moines, Iowa* Dover, UK Montgomery, Tex. Lenexa, Kan. Butler County, Penn.*
In business since 2006 1999 2007 2007 Opened by National Storage in 1954. Acquired by Iron Mountain 1998.
Security /access control Biometric; keypad; pan, tilt and zoom cameras; door event and camera logging CCTV, dogs, guards, fence Gated, with access control card, biometrics and a 24x7 security guard Security guard, biometric scan, smart card access and motion detection alarms 24-hour armed guards, visitor escorts, magnetometer, x-ray scanner, closed-circuit television, badge access and other physical and electronic measures for securing the mine's perimeter and vaults
Distance underground (feet) 50 100 60 125 220
Ceiling height in data center space (feet) 16 12 to 50 10 16 to 18 15 (10 feet from raised floor to dropped ceiling)
Original use Military communications bunker Royal Air Force military bunker Private bunker designed to survive a nuclear attack. Complex built in 1982 by Louis Kung (Nephew of Madam Chang Kai Shek) as a residence and headquarters for his oil company, including a secret, 40,000 square foot nuclear fallout shelter. The office building uses bulletproof glass on the first floor and reception area and 3-inch concrete walls with fold-down steel gun ports to protect the bunker 60 feet below. Limestone mine originally developed by an asphalt company that used the materials in road pavement Limestone mine
Total data center space (square feet) 34,000 50,000 28,000 plus 90,000 of office space in a hardened, above-ground building. 40,000 60,000
Total space in facility 65,000 60,000 28,000 3 million 145 acres developed; 1,000 acres total
Data center clients include Insurance company, telephone company, teaching hospital, financial services, e-commerce, security
monitoring/surveillance, veterinary, county government
Banking, mission critical Web applications, online trading NASA/T-Systems, Aker Solutions, Continental Airlines, Houston Chronicle, Express Jet Healthcare, insurance, universities, technology, manufacturing, professional services Marriott International Inc., Iron Mountain, three U.S. government agencies
Number of hosted primary or backup data centers 2 50+ 13 26 5
Services offered Leased data center space, disaster recovery space, wholesale bandwidth Fully managed platforms, partly managed platforms, co-location Disaster recovery/business continuity, co-location and managed services Data center space leasing, design, construction and management Data center leasing, design, construction and maintenance services
Distance from nearest large city Des Moines, about 45 miles* Canterbury, 10 miles; London, 60 miles Houston, 40 miles Kansas City, 15 miles Pittsburgh, 55 miles
Location of cooling system, includng cooling towers Underground Underground Above and below ground. All cooling towers above ground in secure facility. Air cooled systems located underground. Cooling towers located outside
Chillers located above ground to take advantage of "free cooling." Pumps located underground.
Location of generators and fuel tanks Underground Above ground and below ground Two below ground, four above ground. All fuel tanks buried topside. Underground Underground
*Declined to cite exact location/disatance for security reasons.